Bagni of Bormio

Wellbeing, nature and history since the 1st century b.c.
for one unforgettable holiday...

Reality made by aromas, light and colours all natural. The beauty of a natural surrounding, the parfums of nature and the melody of the forest offer the best sensation and without time.

Bagni of Bormio offers more than seventy different type of thermal services, all with thermal water that born from nine different sources with temperature from 37° till 43°


Bagni Vecchi are a very suggestive and characteristic place which offer more than 36 different spa and wellness treatments among which a sweating grotto, acclimatising pools, ralexion lounges, roman baths and saunas.

  • GROTTA SUDATORIA OF SAN MARTINO: a natural steam cave sauna, exclusive and unique in the world , a detoxifying route that take places in two tunnels that penetrate into the rock for over 50 metres. Built in 1827.  The atmosphere in the grotto is that of a Roman Spa, but the route is traditionally thought of like a trip into Dante's other side: from heavenly ideal temperature, to the warmth of the purgatory to an infernal heat.

  • BAGNI ROMANI: a dive into the past, an exciting journey back in time, equal to those ancient travellers who, after a regenerating bath in the thermal waters, with renovated forces continued their tiresome climb to the Stelvio and Fraele, leading north of the Alps. In a cave which was in use in pre-roman times, where one of the nine thermal springs, which are particulary rich in natural sulphur bacteria (fango) originates, two large baths were later built that assure complete privacy to the bathers. (Vasca dell'arciduchessa, Vasca Plinio il Vecchio and Vasca Cassiodoro)

  • OUTDOOR POOL: this pool has been built on the old site of the bagni's hot houses near the San Martino church of the XII century, which shares the ancient Stelvio road where once a fort stood that faced the pass. A relaxing antistress bathing experience, with water flowing in at low intensity from many positionated inlets strong hydrojets, a pleasent immersion, even in the coldest days or while it's snowing, in hot water at 38° -40° Beside the little church, there is a large solarium. The sweeping view of the concave velly of Bormio and over the surroundings western Dolomite mountains.

  • THE ARCHDUCHESS BATH: regenerating treatment for your skin, your spirit and your mind. The treatments in this sector favour the complete regeneration of your skin leaving it soft and elastic, the sauna, and the relaxion areas guarantee complete mental relaxion. The Archduchess'bath, separate from the main building was reserved for her exclusive use, as was suited to a lady of noble birth, the archduchess of Austria used to spend her holidays at the Bagni Vecchi benefiting from the properties contained in the waters and from the Spa facilities.

  • BAGNI MEDIOVALI: a regenerating bathing for the cure of the body, brought about in the most ancient part of the medieval fort. Four different possibilities, that complement each other, exalting the characteristic of the thermal water.
- Radetzski idrogetti: deep massage with hydro-jets at various heights to promote the body's circulation and eliminate any impurities of the skin.
- Teodolinda, natural steam heater: rest for  5/10 minutes in the cave with relative humidity of about 97%. The aim is to promote maximum perspiration and the complete dilation of the pores.

- Leonardo da Vinci: two thermal "stue" which are a blend of the thousand year old valtellinese culture in artistic woodwork and the tradition of the dry bath.
- Ludovico il moro, dry sauna at different temperature. two finnish dry saunas to complete the process of rebalancing the body and epidermal.


Bagni Nuovi, opened in 1836, are divided into four sections and offer more than 30 different treatment ficilities, among which are the Venus Gardens, Neptune's Grotto, Cupito towers...

  • CUPIDO TOWER: an ancient hexagonal tower from 17th century with two thermal spa pools. The internal pool offers immersion in absolute privacy, while from the external one you can admire a breath taking view, overlooking the resort's park .

  • VENERE GARDEN: outdoor with regenerating properties, inundated with sun all day long. Within the spa's park immersion in hot water alternate with long exposures tu the sun and fresh crisp mountain air.

Venere pool: relaxing pool outdoor in full sunlight, in warm waters of 38° and the wide views across the mountains.
- Aurora pool: lay down comfortably just under the water level and benefit from the effects of the thermal water and the sun's rays.
- Vasche delle Muse: two large wooden tubs fed by a waterfall for a pleasant back and shoulder hydro-massage.
- Fanghi di Diana: mud bath for a natural peeling of the skin.
- Baita delle vestali: drying cabin for incentive the process of drying mud on the skin we recommend a pause within the "baita delle vestali" a characteristic log cabin on the edge of the woods.
- Vasche of Saturno: two large rectangular pools that are connected witn water at different temperatures and an underlying semi-circular reservoir fed by a high intensity waterfull.

  • GROTTA OF NETTUNO: detoxicating course following a modern and functional minimalist tunnel realised in 2004. The tunnel connects the subterranean with the garden and is endowed witn the thermal services that favour the body's circulation and the complete cleansing of the epidermal.

  • BAGNI OF GIOVE: indoor tour for a complete rigeneration of your body.
- Cascate dell'Olimpo: high intensity waterfall. Ideal for improving the circulation and oxygenation of the peripheral tissues.
- Vasca di Giunone: the immersion in cold water ì, re-equilibrates the body's temperature after the vigorous action of the hydro-massage, sauna and steam bath.
- Vasca di Vulcano: bath with specifically placed hydro-jets
- Vapori dell'Olimpo: steam bath (hammam) with high temperature for a complete epidermal cleansing to kill dead skin.
- Riposo di Marte: still water bath immersion after the contrast of hot and cold to settle the body's equilibrium.
- Regno di Plutone: bath with directed hydro-jets at high pressure that reactive the body's circulation with an energetic massage.
- Relax degli dei: aromatherapy scented relaxion room at the conclusion of the thermal circuit.

- Hammam: steam bath with immersion in aromatic steam and high temperatur.
- Sala del braciere: spacious and wide room per relax and thermal events.

Bagni Nuovi is open every day from 11.00 a.m. till 8.00 p.m. while Bagni Vecchi is open every day from 10.00 a.m. till 8.00 p.m.; On Friday and on Saturday Bagni Nuovi is open until 11.00 p.m. with "Relax under the stars"

Hotel Cristallo is partner with Bagni of  Bormio and for its Guest is possible to made  reservation with special and discounted prices. Only children up to 14 years old can enter in Bagni Vecchi while up to 5 years old can enter in Bagni Nuovi.

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