Simple cooking with decisive taste, inspired by the fragrances of the mountains.

Local and natural products provide the main ingredients, that when blended together create the traditional dishes of the Alta Valtellina: pizzoccheri, sciatt and malfatti, plus bresaola Slinziga, polenta taragna, several dishes of wild game, cheeses, Bisciola, and honey.

These local specialties pair wonderfully with the wines of the Valtellina and the after dinner drinks of Bormio – especially Braulio and Taneda.


The history of Bormio and its neighboring towns goes back for hundreds of years and is preserved through many folk traditions, providing a bridge between past and present.

These events include the Pasquali Easter parade, the Carneval di Mat (Carnival of the Mad) the l’è fora Geneiron (End of January), Gabinat (night of Gift) and the Pallio of contrade (5 districts race). Exciting and colorful, these traditional events are a wonderful excuse for locals and tourists to mingle and enjoy the spectacle, while preserving the mountain cultural heritage.