Bernina Red Train

2010 was a magnificent anniversary for the “Ferrovia Retica”: the Bernina Red Train celebrated fully 100 years of journeying.

100 years ago, the train made its maiden run along the 61 km between Tirano and St. Moritz, representing a splendid example of engineering, situated at the foot of some of the highest mountains in the “Grigioni”.

From that moment onwards the fascination that the railway generates has seen no limits.
It’s a magical experience in a wonderful mountain setting: two hours from Valtellina by way of one of the most naturally steep railway tracks in the world.

It leaves Tirano, just 40 km from Bormio.  In 2008 the Red Train became part of world heritage of Unesco, and this year will be an even more attractive proposition with a series of celebratory events along the line.

Lots of opportunities therefore for anyone wishing to enjoy the magnificent, breathtaking scenery.
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