Stelvio National Park

For far too many months snow has very much run the show, but the stark white blanket is at last disappearing under a warm sun and the spring colours being to imbue the Stelvio Park with new life.

White, blue, violet, yellow and red – spring flowers combining to create a phantasmagoria of hue and shade.  Pasture and Alpine meadow, once dried yellow by late summer, re-appear in green splendour.

Woodland of larch stripped bare in the harsher season adopts its summer coat of succulent emerald leaves.
The Stelvio National Park covers an area of 134,620 hectares which includes the Ortles-Cevedale mountain chain and its lateral valleys.  It is located in the heart of the Alps and is one of Europe's largest protected areas.
The idea to preserve this huge territory dates back to  the early twentieth century.

The Stelvio National Park offers an immense variety of mountain scenery and ecosystems all worthy of discovery. The genial architect of the geography was the ice by digging out the mountains throughout the millennia and forming valleys and peaks of incomparable beauty. Then there are uncontaminated woods, extensive summer pasture lands, crystal clear waters and wild habitats, a kingdom for big animals such as golden eagles, chamois, marmots, deers, roes and ibexs.
The Park altitude is between 650 metres and 3899 metres; therefore the vegetation varies, changing physiognomy and composition depending on the altitude and other environmental parameters.

An insight into the wealth of alpine flora in the Stelvio National Park is represented by the Rezia Botanical Garden, just outside Bormio.
Established in 1979, Rezia is Italy's  newest alpine botanical garden.  More than 2,500 flora species are cultivated in four sectors.

The starting points for the main excursions through the magnificent valleys surrounding Bormio are only a few minutes drive from the hotel.
According to your preparation and experience, you may choose between simple and easy itineraries surrounded by the Ortles-Cervedale mountains with a breathtaking view.
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