Is it possible to find all the detail of the specific events or
demonstration at the tourist office of Bormio and surrounding!

All the appointments can change during the winter!



  • 2 Dicember  – Opening Bormio and Santa Caterina ski areas: hit the slopes!
  • 7 Dicember  – Opening Cima Piazzi ski area
  • 22 Dicember  – Opening San Colombano ski area
  • 28 Dicember  – Fis Alpine Ski World Cup: Men’s Downhill race and Combined race in Bormio, along the Stelvio slope
  • 29 Dicember  – Fis Alpine Ski World Cup: Men’s Downhill race and Combined race in Bormio, along the Stelvio slope
  • 30 Dicember – National Alpine Ski Champs: Men’s and Ladies’ Slalom on the Stelvio slope
  • 31 Dicember  –  New Year’s Eve Party with cooperation of Aperol Spritz 



  • 19 January  – Night skiing in Bormio: skiing under the stars along the famous Stelvio slope
  • 26 January  – Night skiing in Bormio



  • February  – Palio delle Contrade in Bormio: traditional cross country and downhill skiing competition among the five districts of the town
  • February  – Carnevàl di Mat: the traditional Fools’ Carnival of Bormio
  • 1 February   – Night skiing in Santa Caterina: along the Deborah Compagnoni slope under the stars
  • 3/4 FebruaryVertical Winter Tour, village and distribution of gadget
  • 2 February  –  Night skiing in Bormio
  • 9 February  –  Night skiing in Bormio
  • 10/11 FebruaryDF Sport Specialist, village and test
  • 10-16 February  – English Alpine Championships in Bormio
  • 16 February  –  Night skiing in Bormio
  • 17 February – Night skiing in Santa Caterina
  • 23 February –  Night skiing in Bormio
  • 24/25 February RDS Play on Tour, village and distribution of gadget


MARCH 2018

  • 1 March  – Night skiing in Santa Caterina
  • 3/4 March – Peak to Creek – Creek to Peek a breathtaking ski and snowboard downhill competition from Bormio 3000 to Bormio town (registrations are open)
  • 8 March  – Night skiing in Santa Caterina


APRIL 2018

  • 1 April – Pasquali: on Easter morning, the Pasquali (artistic floats with religious themes) are carried in a parade by men, women and children dressed with the traditional costume
  • 8 April – Party for the end of the skiing season in Bormio: music and fun to celebrate the end of the season
  • 15 April – Skiing for Life: in Santa Caterina Valfurva: non competitive Pro-Am race with world ski champions

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